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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Suspended animation.....

While BG is on vacation with his parents, (and should be visiting with his Aunt and Uncle today, actually).....we all eagerly await his return.  While he said he would not miss me, because he "would remember me", I openly admit to missing the little bugger!  The online Toy sites are benefiting from the pulls on grandma's heart strings though.  More Legos are on the way.......  You can never have too many Legos!

The Stripy socks are nearly done, only the last heel to complete and then they are off the needles! And, I plan to cast on a shawl this afternoon. I have the first 2 braids of yarn all spun up, and I am happy with the results:

630 yards of a sport weight.  The pattern I am using is Faraway, So Close.  I've knit it before, and it was a fun project.  On size 10 needles - it goes quickly and the end result is a soft and airy, yet warm, cover-up. 

Is anyone else a Glee fan?  I totally enjoy the show.  Since it is on Thursday evenings, which is my knitting night, I watch it on Hulu.  I just watched the first episode of the new season, which brought me to tears.  Seems that has happened before, and it always seems to involve Kurt and/or his relationship with his father. This time, it was when Kurt's dad took him to New York, encouraging him to taste life.  He reassured him that he could always come back home, but once Kurt was out of earshot, he stated "but you won't".  Choked me up.....and made me think of my own grown kids.  Both of which are successful adults, who never really "came home" once they left for college.  Our son recently stepped over the line where he has lived away from us longer than he lived with us, and our daughter is fast approaching that mark.  Sigh...there's that lump in my throat again!  Yikes!!!!  Hummmm...... let's change the subject!

Speaking of Glee.  If you are a fan, and not aware of the "Glee Project", you really should check it out.  I watch in on Hulu also - the free version.  It's actually a competition, reality show, the winner of which gets a contract to appear in at least 6 episodes of Glee.  Several of the newer cast members have been picked thru the Glee Project - which is pretty much an audition process on steroids.  Gives you lots of insite on the show itself though.  Check it out. The talent is amazing!

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Judy S. said...

What, no Lightning McQueen? Love the way your yarn turned out. Now I need to go find the pattern to see what you're making.