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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Did you miss me?????

I'm not sure where my head was last week, but it was not in the blogging mode.  And, I don't think I had that much to share, knitting-wise.....so thought absence was better than boredom.   (That actually is the front of a card that BG sent me....a "I miss you" card.  He's doing an over-nighter with us this week, so BG snuggles are in store.......)

So....I do have some things to share this week!

DD's socks are finished and they fit nicely!   They are pretty wild, but typical Opal quality.  They will serve her well for many years.

I have both pairs of the "Pole" mittens finished.  (Details for pattern are in the previous post if interested....scroll down a bit.)  In an effort to make the green pair a little larger, I went up a needle size - to 2.50 mm.  I much prefer the fabric I get on 2.25.

It's dense, soft, squishy, and I know from personal experience - WARM - even though it's a fingering weight yarn, and light weight originally.  It's handspun left over, both colored and off-white.  If the blue pair is too small for the intended recipient, I may have to knit another pair.  I'm glad that I do enjoy the pattern. 

And, the last thing I have finished is the Creedence shawl.  Although it is not blocked.  (hanging head in shame). 
I'm usually good about blocking items immediately.  Not sure what my problem is, but I'll post a REAL finished photo after it is all blocked and beautiful. 

So....what's next? I swatched for a sweater this morning, hoping to cast on later this afternoon.
It's the Placed Cable Aran from an old Interweve Knits magazine.  I knit this sweater several years ago, and managed to ruin it when for some unknown reason, I thought I could wash it in the machine on the 'hand washing" cycle.  What was I thinking???  Yes - it felted!  So...same yarn, different colorway.  This basically off-white yarn does have subtle slubs of color.  It's Kathmandu Aran weight.  It's a Merino/Silk/Cashmere blend.  I love the yarn, and the sweater was a favorite of mine - a throw on over jeans comfy, oversized sweater.  And, I have always been partial to Cowl necklines.  So, looking forward to this knit - both process and project.

I've been using this basket for awhile now, and it's shown up in blog photos.  Several people have PM'd me asking about it.  So, it is a black ash basket that I made back in 1989. 
Not all of my baskets are dated..... sigh!  It didn't seem important at the time, but now I wish they were.  Unfortunately this one has some stains in the bottom,
so I keep a little hand-woven stitch sampler in the bottom.  Fits nicely and is less offensive than the stains.  
I remember making this basket in a workshop in Ohio.  The instructor was a basketmaker from upstate New York.  It was so much fun, and when I formed those handles, I was sure the wood would split.  (Need I say that he was a terrific instructor!) The handles have always been my favorite part of this little work-horse of a basket.

So, better hush for this week, and hopefully I'll be back next week with a half-finished sweater to show you, and a blocked Creedence Shawl.  Who knows - perhaps some other goodies too.

Oh - my Valentines Day was super.  The party with the preschoolers was so much fun!  And DH gave me a gorgeous Orchid. 
I so hope I can save it....and again, I'll try to have it bloom another time.  I usually can keep them alive, but only once was I lucky enough to see a second set of blossoms.

Sofee was recently reminded me that this blog has her name in it too!..... so, here you go little girl.

She's been sans sweater for the last week or so and doing pretty good, so hopefully her allergies are settled down till next summer.  Seems to last a little longer each year - just as the Vet predicted, I am afraid.  She's well worth the hassle though!  Oh - and she loves the new arrangement for BG.  She is all about being the only child in the house!  Bad doggie..........  


Judy S. said...

LOVE those mittens! The socks are nice, too. I caved and bought the shawl pattern...... Can't wait to see how yours looks when it's blocked.

L. said...

Ahhh, Sofee is so adorable, as always so give her a special pet or two from me.

I love your DD's socks and such a very lucky recipient for a pair of your glorious mittens.....they don't know how lucky they are, Kathy, getting your hand knit mittens.