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Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Free to a Good Home!"

Yep, that's what she said.....as she handed these three pretties to me!
We should all have such kind and generous friends!  Having different color preferences helps too - as apparently there is too much orange and green in these skeins.  Now I KNOW she knows how to properly destash yarns - so I say again, we should all be so lucky as to have such generous friends!

As for my knitting this week, I have made nice progress on my Placed Cable Aran. 
The back is finished and blocked.  I really like the cables - they pop, even in this somewhat rustic yarn.  It is not pleasant to knit with, but softens beautifully.  It has a touch of silk and cashmere.  Unfortunately it has been discontinued. 
I have the boring part of the front finished - I am working on the cables, which is fun.

The Creedence Shawl is still unblocked.....but currently it is on my kitchen counter waiting to be dunked into a bath of wool wash.  So.....yes - this afternoon, and photos will go up next week.  Promise!  (There - now I am obligated).

I also have a spinning project going, but it may well be a huge disaster.  I have two braids of fiber that I really never liked.  (It was a club thing....enough said.)  Anyway, they are both the same fiber content, so I decided to spin them each and ply them together.  What was there to lose????
 This photo was taken under artificial lights, but yes - it's pretty bright - really not "me" at all.
The first braid is completely spun now, (the bobbin shot is the lighter fiber on the left hand side) and I am trying to resist spinning the rest of the darker fiber till later this week.  I have joined the local spinning and weaver's guild and they are having a spinning gathering on Thursday.  I thought this would be a good project to work on then.  I am anxious to see the finished yarn, however.  I'll post a photo next wee - promise - ugly or not.

And, it's official.  This Grandpa is totally retired!
 Not sure what retirement will bring - plans are still pending, but I imagine there will be quite a bit of this going on!   Congrats, DH of mine!  You deserve some R&R!  Enjoy!


Judy S. said...

Looks like some sock knitting in your future! It'll be interesting to see your yarn all spun up. Maybe you'll like it! Congrats to your DH. Retirement is a good thing! (especially when it leaves more time for GK!)

Robin said...

I think your yarn will be awesome. I love that about handspun. Congrats to the husband on his retirement.

Katnitsox said...

Can't wait until Thursday. The progress is amazing on your sweater, it's you. Enjoyed the blog as always.

Missouristar said...

I can certainly see that bright yarn used as color work in some mittens with some grey or other neutral to tone it down. Yay for hubby's retirement. As I've told you, my hubby retired 8'years ago and he hasn't stopped smiling yet!