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Sunday, March 03, 2013

We've had.....


Quite a lot, actually!

And, more is supposed to be on the way Monday - Tuesday this week.  We SOOOOO need the moisture, so no complaining here! 

Bad roads did interfere with my plans for a spinning outing, so I have no finished yarn to share with you, ugly or not.  But soon..... 

I do have a new project that I just started: 
It is the Tea Leaves Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre.  It's been fun so far, but I am stressing a little over my concern that it will not fit.  Too early to tell.....  I did modify the yoke quite a bit.  It has a very broad, open neckline.  I added short rows to bring it up a little in the back.  If the mods are successful, I will document them in Ravelry.  Yarn is Berroco Vintage in the colorway Pumpkin.  Hoping for the best with this project, but not holding my breath.  We'll see. 

The Placed Cabled Aran has a completed front and back, waiting for sleeves to be joined all together.  The sleeves are knit, and I have blocked them - they are drying as I write this.  Then a cowl neck needs to be added, and it will be all done.  I'm pretty confident that this will fit, and I will love it.

The Creedence Shawl is totally finished.  It will be sent off to it's real home some day next week.  Just need to take a trip to the post office. 

MarigoldJen yarn.  DK weight.  Lovely stuff!

So, that's about all I have to share with you this week.  With DH home, it's been kind of strange - pleasant, but strange.  My days of the week are all messed up.  Not sure why that is, just a total change of schedule has my head spinning I guess.  

He's ready to get out in the yard and play with his garden..... and I guess there is hope.  This:
the first seed catalog of the season arrived last week.  DH will have more gardening time this year.  I just hope we get enough moisture to help things along.  They are predicting that the drought will continue.  

I'll leave you with another BG photo.... And Friend.
I think this little guy was pretty surprised when he found BG on the other side of the glass. 
As usually it is Sofee that is standing guard.  He SO loves to torment Sofee!

Hope everyone has a great week.  Knit a stitch or two for me.  :)


Katnitsox said...

I like the color of your Tea Leaves.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the cabled sweater seamed.Your work is beautiful!

L. said...

I just love the chutzpah of your squirrel coming right up to the glass and 'looking right back' at BG. I can imagine that Sofee goes crazy with this furry guy.