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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

And...jump ahead 2 months.....

Time Travel, right?  Well, no excuses.  Just lack of blogging mojo, I guess.  I'd like to say it won't happen again, but then.....  On With The Show....

It's 81 degrees today.  The ceiling fans are spinning, and the neighborhood is abuzz with mowers going.  But cold weather is due back in our short-term forecast.  Some parts of Iowa will see snowfall.  Sigh....MotherNature is really bi-polar I do believe!

The tulips that BG and I planted last fall are budded out.

The chicken-wire barrier against the squirrels worked!  If you will recall, they were gifted to us by the proprietor of the local feed/grain store.  Unsure of the color, but I predict that they will all be the same.  We should know soon.

So, catching you up on the knitting front: FO since we last visited:
 The Tea Leaves Cardigan kint in Berroco Vintage.
And the Aran Cabled Cowl sweater knit in a discontinued yarn, Kathmandu Aran.  Both are nice sweaters, and I was able to get some wear in before the weather turned warm.

Also a pair of Plain Jane socks out of Opal - one of the Van Gough colorways.  (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Opal sock yarn?)

I am currently stalled out on working on a lovely cardigan knit our of BeaverslideDryGoods yarn:
I have the majority of this project completed.  If I could just get my nose to the grindstone, I could have this wrapped up in 2-3 days!  Soon...I'll post finished photos.

And also, I'm nearing completion on another pair of Opal socks.  They are a carry around project, much easier than a full sized sweater.  That's my excuse anyway.  :)

For spinning, I have three finished skeins.

This last one turned out a wee bit thinner than I had anticipated.  A very light fingering - 540 yards in 4oz skein.  Not sure what I will do with any of them, but they were a fun spin.

As most of you know, I have volunteered full time at BG's preschool this entire school year.  Full time being 3 mornings a week....the entire time that he is there.  Sadly, the school has announced that this will be their last year.  I had planned on continuing to help next year, even with BG off to a full fledged kindergarten.  So, it saddens me a great deal.  Due to lack of enrollement, primarily due to the free preschools provided within the public school system, it has just become too much of a financial burden on the host church.  This is the same preschool that both of my kids attended.  It's been a staple to the community for over 40 years!!!  So, it was a sad day......  Last Sunday, there was a "preschool Sunday" event - a celebration and farewell.  The kids have been working hard on musical numbers for the program.  We will soon start working on preparation for graduation ceremonies.  I will miss the school, the kids, and the teachers and director.  I hope to keep in touch with the adults, and perhaps BG's kindergarten class will have some volunteer opportunities.  Perhaps.

So, I think that catches everyone up on the "old business".  Now for the new...

Stash Enhancement:
 Pretty Worsted Weights from Marigold Jen arrived in the mail last week! The top is destined to be a new skull cap for the hubbs.  Browns in so soft Merino - will make him happy!
 These two are fingering weight - top one will be socks for me!
And this skein was a total surprise....a gift to me - to knit a special something for a special someone. More on that later.....

I am trying my hand at quilting again:
It's a scrap quilt - and I am quite enjoying the process.  If you will remember, I made a log-cabin wall hanging for my kitchen, but it was just not exactly what I wanted.  It was not colorful, fun enough.  So, I'm giving this a go.  If I don't like it when I get it done, it will be nothing lost - except my time.
A friend who also quilts, turned me onto this website.  Tons of information.  Amazing information! These squares are not in the final placement....just haphazard at this point.  I'm trying to do one block each day.  It's quite fun!

We had a Yarn Shop Hop last week, and I was anxious for a little road trip, so a friend and I checked out just a few of the shops.  Un-typical of me, I bought a lace weight yarn:
I really don't enjoy knitting with lace-weight, but I could not resist these gorgeous colors!
Totally made me weak in the knees!  Sigh.....

So, now for the "New" Stuff:
I finally bought a new car.  (Which explains the desire for a little road trip.)  It's a Honda Civic, which replaces a 2001 PT Cruiser.  Lots of Bells and Whistles have been designed for cars during that time period, and I am still learning what they all are, and how they all work!!!  Seems each time I drive it I retain a little more.  I am hoping for super good gas mileage.  29 city/39 highway is predicted.  Time will tell.

And, I am waiting to hear when my new Matchless Spinning Wheel will be delivered.  Any day now!  While I dearly love my Lendrum, the Matchless has always been my dream wheel.  A week or so ago, I discovered they were coming out with a new limited edition Matchless in Cherry.  The hubbs encouraged me to get one....(yes, he's a keeper for sure!).  So...it should be drop shipped any day now.  Apparently the founder of the company is celebrating his 70th birthday this year, and the Cherry wheels are in commemoration.  Me...I just like the wood!  But...I wish him a happy birthday none the less.

So, You are caught up on the basics, heard about the new, now....how about the exciting!:

Doesn't he look all grown up!  Doesn't he look like a perfect Big Brother?  Well, a little sister is expected late this summer.  Yep! It's true!  Momma isn't working these days, so you probably won't be bombarded with quite so many photos of BG2 as you were of BG1, but I'm sure there will be a few...or more...  Guess that in itself is reason enough to keep on blogging....

And you all thought you were rid of me!  LOL. 

Sorry for such a long and babbling update post.  I'll not wait another 2 months for the next one.  Promise (this time anyway).


KnittySue said...

WOW..first off congratulations gramma and yes I can't believe how grown up BG is..man time flies. Love all the knits...oh to have the time to get a sweater done and man I love the colors of that Opal. Your spun yarn is pretty and the last one that came out thinner..looks like a pair of socks to me.
The car...YUMMMMM...my dads still learning all the "toys" in the new car he got last year..so it takes awhile. Enjoy your flowers...missed ya.

Missouristar said...

I don't even know where to begin to comment - there's so much. The sweaters are gorgeous, the spinning fabulous, the new car dandy and BG ever so handsome! I really do think we should do some matchmaking between him and my granddaughter. And a granddaughter of your own!! Let the little girl knitting begin. Congratulations!

SpinZen said...

I'm glad you're back! If I made comments on everything, you'd never be done with me. So, I'm just going to ask a quick question. Is your handspun two ply? How do you match the colors of the ply? Or do you? and Congrats on the soon to be hugged grandbaby!

Elaine said...

Oh it's always nice reading your posts and they can't be long enough as far as I'm concerned! Love your stash acquisitions. I had my eye on a skein that looks eerily familiar to the one you bought for you! I'm knitting a soaker out of the worsted weight now and I just love the yarn. I'm not sure whether to thank you or curse you for hooking me up with her shop!!

Glad to hear that things are still going well for that baby girl. I can't begin to tell you how much fun it is knitting for girls!

Nancy said...

What a fun post! I love the sweaters, socks and the yarn. And wow a new car. I can't believe how grown up BG is. It has been so fun watching him grow. And I can't wait to see the new little girl. And of course the little girl knitting that will surely be happening at your place.
Hope your back soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you again. Love and best wishes about the new grandbaby.

Jenn in Albuquerque